Frequently Asked Questions

How do we register?

You can register in three different ways:

1. Download the registration form and after filling it out simply mail it in with your cheque. The cheque should be made out to Steve Davies.

2. You can also register by calling Barb at: 905 836 0946. She will take down all of the information and hold your spot until you send in the registration form along with your cheque.

3. You can also register by email. This will hold your spot until you send in the registration form along with your cheque.

What happens if my son or daughter is unable to attend the camp at the last minute?

A full refund is available if we can fill the spot with another student.

How is the ice surface organized?

Like most goalie schools, the students are divided up into groups based on their age and level of play. Most often they are put into groups of four. They then move from station to station at the specific time intervals. Different drills take place at the various stations with an emphasis on different skills.

What is the student / teacher ratio?

We limit our classes to a maximum of 24 goalies on the ice at any one time. For a full session, we hire anywhere from 10-12 coaches along with 10 shooters. That means that there is usually a total of 22 paid people on the ice for 24 goalies.

What are the qualifications of the coaches working with my son or daughter?

These will be listed on our website. All of the coaches are Steve’s students or former students. Many are playing Jr. “A”, NCAA or even professional hockey. Most have achieved All Star recognition at the Jr. “A” level and some have even set NCAA records or won NCAA Championships.

How many nets do you use?

At our camp, we contract for 8-9 nets. Some stations are one net drills where the goalies go in and out of the net in rapid succession while other stations use 2 nets.

What emphasis do you place on skating?

Skating and agility are important components of our program. There is an agility and skating station during every session where our students work on a variety of skills.

What style of goaltending do you teach?

At our camp we don’t teach a particular style of goaltending. It is more accurate to say that we teach skills and how to apply those skills to game situations. Goalies will ultimately develop their own styles based on their own personal and physical attributes.

What is the difference between the Stouffville Camp and the Aurora Camp.

The Stouffville Camp accepts goalies of all ages into a single session while the Aurora Camp runs two session based on the age of the goalies. The programs are exactly the same.

What type of feedback will we receive about our son or daughter.

Every goalie will be videoed at one station each practice. This will be followed by a station where they go off ice to review their video with a highly qualified coach. At this session, they will receive valuable analysis and instructions from the coach. It is at this station that their report card will be compiled and presented at the end of the week. The report card will indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the goalie for a variety of skills and also give recommendations on how to improve. Each student will also receive a document explaining how each of the skills is to be applied in a game situation.

Do you run sessions throughout the year?

We sometimes run sessions during the March Break and at Christmas.

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