At our goalie camp, there is an emphasis on building strong fundamentals. We encourage young goalies to challenge the shooters and play at the top of the crease. This takes time, net, and ice away from the shooter and gives the goalie the advantage in almost every situation.

We also encourage the goalies to skate and move well in and around the net. Fluid movement and the ability to recover quickly is essential. If goaltenders are to develop in this area, they must learn good habits when they are young. We do our best to encourage these good habits in our students.

All of our drills are unique and are the result of over 25 years of experience in working with goaltenders. They challenge the goalies to move quickly and stay under control. Once you see these drills in action, you will know what we mean.

We always try to provide a positive and supportive environment for our students to learn in. I spend almost every waking hour of the day with youngsters, whether it be in the classroom or in a rink. I know that kids must be challenged to test and expand their boundaries. This is best accomplished when they understand that it is “ok” to fall down. We’ll be there to pick them up.

In selecting our goalie schools, we believe that you have selected the best for your child. That is what we strive to be every minute we spend with your son or daughter… and that’s a promise.

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